It is critical for businesses to perform an employee criminal background check to maintain a safe and credible work environment. This is especially true in certain industries such as health care where a patient’s life depends on an employer doing their due diligence. AccuScreen employee criminal background check services will help you to protect your patients against individuals who might do harm while on the job.

The national average for past felony convictions is 4% of the population; and 7% of our citizens have been convicted of misdemeanors…

Can individuals with an unclean criminal record provide the level of care needed in a safe and trustworthy manner?

Employee criminal background check services work to filter out persons who are applying for work where they will not be best-suited to serve your clientele. You need to know who you are allowing into your place of business. In most cases, a simple questionnaire as a part of their application is not always enough. How do you know if they are being honest about their past?

A high number of incidents of neglect and abuse to the elderly (who depend on nursing home staff or home aides to provide care) have surfaced in recent years. Because of that, many states have now passed laws allowing both facilities and common folks the ability to perform a background check.

In doing so, it has been found that an alarmingly high number of workers have committed serious crimes.

Laws about FBI fingerprinting have surfaced in New Jersey, for example, and out of the population of caregivers, over 400 had to be let go due to having committed crimes that disqualified them from working as caregivers. More states should pass laws like New Jersey to ensure that our senior population, as well as others who require caregivers, are safe.

For the formal care facility, knowing this information is vital to their business staying afloat.

For the everyday person, it is a matter of knowing whether your parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, perhaps even your sibling will be safe at home in someone else’s care.

An employee background criminal check is strongly recommended in the situation of health care providers because most caregivers are spending large amounts of time alone with their frail and sick patients. Employee background check services become even more critical as the number of Baby Boomers grows, and the number of qualified caregivers shrinks.

At AccuScreen, no matter what laws are passed, we provide employers with uncompromised, thorough, and accurate employee background criminal check services. If crimes are found to be in a person’s past, it will be vital for an employer to determine which crimes would be acceptable for the any position. Because there is such a shortage of caregivers, employers can no longer afford to over-scrutinize about a person’s past and say that “anyone who has committed a crime will be disqualified”.

Disturbingly, in some states a person’s record is “cleared” after 7 years, meaning that they are no longer obligated to tell a prospective employer about that part of their past. That’s why doing an employee criminal background check must be the first step of the hiring process. It is critical to know who’s caring for the sector of our population who can no longer care for themselves.