Knowing what’s on someone’s DMV driving record online is sometimes a necessary part of the hiring process. Take, for example, a job where someone would be driving children to and from school or recreational activities. When putting children in someone’s care, it is expected that their employer has properly screened them for driving offenses that would prohibit them from doing the best possible job. In other industries, such as government jobs, insurance adjusters, ambulance drivers, and even food delivery workers, clean driving records are an essential part of getting hired. At AccuScreen, we know that getting DMV driving records and other reports is not only smart, it are essential for employers!

Can A Driving Record Reflect Work Ethics?

Many times, the number of points against a person on their driving history can closely reflect work ethic and patterns. When someone is habitually late to work, they may display this behavior with higher-than-normal speeding violations. How about accidents? When someone has a more-than-acceptable number of accidents, it can say anything from “I don’t pay attention to details” to “I don’t want to obey traffic laws”. As an employer, it’s important to have this information at hand to help make an informed decision. However, be careful to personally speak to the person about their record before making a hiring decision. There may be underlying factors such as a health condition, a particularly stressful time in their life, or some other circumstance to consider.

The Financial Impact of an Employee’s Driving History

A clean DMV driving record online can help control insurance premiums that the employer must pay in order to cover that employee while they are on the job. Policy costs can be affected by the type of car they drive (mini-van versus a sports car, for example) as well as their age and gender also being factors (a teen boy versus a 45 year-old woman). Consider that a young man with a clean driving history will cost more in the short-term for insurance coverage but that may gain the company a star salesman. What is the best approach when someone has a lot of driving offenses? If they have a pattern of speeding violations, for example, it is up to the employer to decide how many speeding offenses are acceptable. When someone has a history of rear-end collisions, for example, just knowing that information helps a hiring manager to make an informed decision about whether or not they would be a good candidate for employment.

For employers, keeping current information on file will help keep tabs on driving records to enforce company policies about good driving. AccuScreen’s DMV record check services are helpful for soon-to-be employees as well as current employees. If someone has worked for 90 days and they have reached their probation period, it is vital to check their DMV driving record online again to help determine if they should continue working. It is a smart business move to continue screening employees every few months to be sure they are doing what’s expected of them. Rewarding safe driving with bonuses and raises is a wonderful motivator. For employees, knowing that their boss is checking up on their driving habits will help them want to drive safely and responsibly, which greatly benefits everyone!