Imagine for a moment that you are responsible for hiring a qualified person to drive children from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility in the area. You decide to run an ad in the paper, advertise online, and contact a few friends in the industry for referrals.

Once you interview one of your colleague’s cousins, you feel that she is capable of performing the job and seems to be very kind and caring. So you hire her on the spot…right?


With employee screening services like AccuScreen, we can be your eyes and ears into who your applicants really are. You need employee screening services to be sure that your prospective employee is fully qualified and eligible for hire.

What Can You Uncover With a Professional Employee Screening Service?

How exactly do experts in the background check field best serve you and your company? First, they verify a person’s employment history. They look at the dates of employment to determine how much real-life experience the person has really had. Next, they verify your job seeker’s places of employment. They can even get into attendance records, job performance, salary history, and whether that person left on good terms. Employment history is one of most important factors in making a decision to hire someone.

Second, a large part of a person’s work history is their list of references. When someone does a good job, they have much to show for it, especially in the way of good references to support them. Both professional and character references are excellent ways for experts to verify if someone is qualified to perform their job duties and do an exceptional job. Checking criminal records is another way that experts at AccuScreen can peer deeper into your applicant’s history. Comprehensive searches are done so that every relevant detail is uncovered. When you need to hire someone with a clean criminal history, you can feel confident that having us run a records check in the local police and court databases means that you are doing the very best thing for your company.

In what other areas do employee screening services check? Education verification is one area that helps determine the qualifications of a person. If you’re hiring for a laboratory scientist position at a pharmaceutical company, for example, taking someone’s word on having earned a degree simply isn’t enough. Actually checking on what degree was earned (and where) is extremely important! Equally, in positions such Registered Nurses, Construction Foremen, and Internet Security Analysts, knowing whether or not a person has earned their state/local license or industry certification is essential. This is accomplished with a license credential verification. If a person is unqualified they will not be fit to perform at the level required for the responsibilities they must take on.

Finally, whether by law or by preference, some employers must utilize services such as AccuScreen to look deeper into other areas of a job seeker’s life. One area we can research is past Workers Compensation claims. Reports can be provided to you detailing the dates of past claims as well as the types of injuries that occurred. Another area that can be looked at more closely is someone’s credit history, their DMV reports, and the validity of a person’s green card. At AccuScreen, we not only perform research on all of the aforementioned areas, but we can also include drug testing services so you can feel confident that you know you’re getting the very best person when you hire a new employee.