Whether a position involves caring for children, conducting business in a vehicle, or keeping company finance records; it is important to perform a new employee background check.

For many hiring managers, it may come as an unpleasant surprise to discover an outstanding arrest warrant during a criminal record check on someone you were considering for the job. So what do you do when someone is verifiably qualified to fill the job… but their criminal record comes back unclean?

Does The History Affect The Job Duties?

For example: The ideal nanny should have a clear driving record, a clean drug test, good references, and the absence of a criminal record. An on-site insurance adjuster would likely need to have an excellent driving record, prior job experience, and professional references confirming that they can compile honest and thorough reports.

A new employee background check on an accounting professional can show whether they have the proper CPA degree you require, that they have a good credit profile, and that they do not have a criminal record for embezzlement offenses. These are just a few of the many examples of types of professions and the subsequent background information you might look for.

Does The History Interfere With Your Company’s Policies?

If you do find questionable information about a person in any criminal record check, the final decision of whether or not to hire them is up to you and your company’s policies. Some businesses have more lenient rules than others, but the bottom line is that if someone has an outstanding warrant it should be reported to the authorities.

Confronting The Person

If the person is someone whom you planned to hire, you might choose to contact the authorities and give the person a couple of weeks to straighten their legal woes.

Or, you may choose to ask the person about the issue and let them know that they are the best-suited for your open position; ultimately asking them to resolve the matter prior to employment.

However, it is never a good idea to confront someone with a criminal record containing outstanding warrants for violent crimes or drug offenses. Please contact the authorities in these cases and do not divulge to the applicant what you’ve discovered.

The Role of The New Employee Background Check In Today’s Job Market

More than ever, a new employee background check is becoming an essential part of the hiring process. With services like AccuScreen, your company can receive detailed and accurate information about an applicant’s criminal record as well as their complete employment history, SSN verification, education verification, driving record history, license and credential verification, credit profile information, and drug test results.

When your job depends on hiring qualified and trusted individuals, AccuScreen is here to help you find the very best people your industry has to offer. Our customer service professionals collect information from you about the type of position you need to fill and then advise you on what background screening services would be ideal. Armed with this information, you will be able to make the very best decision for your company.