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Protect the future of your business with education verification from Hirewise! Make sure your employees have the right education to do the job!

Education embellishment is one of the most common types of resume fraud happening in today’s job market. As many of today’s jobs require workers with advanced skills and specific educational degrees or certifications, many job applicants resort to exaggerating their educational history in an effort to get these jobs.

Education Verification – Verify Education

In fact, the FBI estimates that over 500,000 people nationwide claim college degrees they never earned. That’s why it’s so important for you to verify education when hiring new employees for your business. Some of the most common education misrepresentations found on resumes include:

  • Stating earning a different type of degree than actually earned on a resume (for example, earning an associates degree, but listing a bachelors degree)
  • Stating earning a different major than actually earned (for example, earning a general education degree, but listing a communications degree)
  • Stating earning a degree from an institution without actually graduating (for example, quitting college after only six months of attendance)

Hirewise performs an education verification screening for your applicant’s educational qualifications as well as the accreditation of the college or university awarding the degree. Click here to let Hirewise provide you with the proof you need to verify education claims made by your job applicants.

Call one of our customer service representatives at (866) 367-8555 to find out how to verify education claims with an education verification screening today.

Why You Should Verify Education

As the job market becomes more competitive and job applicants continue to misrepresent their education on their resumes, education verification becomes even more critical to not only the operation of your business, but also to the safety and adequate service of your customers.

Hirewise is an education verification specialist that can verify education for any job applicant, including GED, high school, college, university, technical school, or any other educational agency or institution. Our services not only verify education for applicants claiming college degrees, but also for those claiming diplomas and certifications.

Our education verification reports not only verify education, but also include the dates of attendance, the degree or certificate earned, and the graduation date.

The Information Needed To Verify Education

Hirewise requires very little information to run an education verification report on your job applicants. The information required includes:

  • Social Security Number
  • Applicant’s First and Last Name
  • Name, City, and State of School
  • Degree or Certification Claimed

It’s more important than ever to verify the education of a job application because the risk of hiring the wrong person and the need to hire the most qualified person have never been greater than today. Ensure you make the right decision for your business with a simple education verification report from Hirewise!