Hirewise’s Fingerprinting Service Is Unrivaled For Accuracy

Criminal background checks are a must in today’s economy in order to ensure that every employee you hire is trustworthy and dependable. Hirewise takes the criminal background check one step farther with our fingerprinting services. Hirewise’s no-ink fingerprinting services are unrivaled for accuracy and speed and provide added peace of mind for employers.

The Future Of Fingerprinting Is Found In Hirewise’s Tampa Fingerprinting Services

We now offer complete Florida and Tampa fingerprinting services that move beyond having an old-fashioned fingerprint card for each of your employee records. You no longer have to bother with messy inks or worry about a smudged fingerprint card when you use our innovative scanning technology to confirm each employee’s criminal background with state and federal authorities. With a fingerprint card, it’s easy to tamper with the results, lose the fingerprint card, or even have a false positive. Inked cards simply aren’t that accurate.

Hirewise’s electronic scanning technology means clean, crisp fingerprint results every time. And our fingerprinting services mean each set of fingerprints is submitted electronically to both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a quick turn around and more accurate results.

Why Hirewise’s Fingerprinting Service Is Unsurpassed

The days of inking a job applicant’s fingers and trying to produce a viable fingerprint card are long gone. Stop treating your applicants like they are criminals and wasting time and money on inaccurate or smudged fingerprint cards. Hirewise’s electronic fingerprinting services use state of the art technology similar to that used by the FBI and hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country.

Reasons to use Hirewise’s fingerprinting services include:

• Fast and efficient. In most cases, you’ll get results within 24 to 48 hours.
• Electronic scanning technology lets you immediately submit electronic fingerprints.
• Complete fingerprint services without messy inks or dyes.
• Fewer returned fingerprint cards that were too smeared or smudged for accurate comparison to State and Federal fingerprint records.
• Mobile fingerprinting services available on request.
• Tampa fingerprinting services for all Florida residents.

Call Hirewise today at 866-367-8555 to learn more or schedule Hirewise’s Tampa fingerprinting services for your employees. For more information, complete Hirewise’s contact form and we will be happy to contact you.