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More than 38% of the employment pre screening applications Hirewise processes each year contain at least one falsification by the applicant! Check out your applicants NOW!

  • Verify a job applicant’s identity with an EASY pre employment screening background check
  • Know exactly who you’re hiring 100% of the time, including any past CRIMINAL history using the same resources as law enforcement agencies
  • Access complete EMPLOYMENT history records, including current employment, past employment, job performance, salary history, reference letter verification, attendance records, reason for leaving, and whether your applicant left previous employment on good terms
  • Verify the EDUCATION level, qualifications, and licenses and industry certifications your applicant claims so you’re sure
  • Look deeply into your job applicant’s life, including driving records, green card verification, military service records, credit history, previous Workers Compensation claims, and more
  • Predict negative consequences for your business with a pre employment screen that helps you make the RIGHT hiring decision
  • 100% accurate employment screen background checks! We GUARANTEE it!

Don’t risk the terrible problems hiring the wrong person can cause your business when Hirewise’s employment pre screening makes hiring foolproof!

It pays to be cautious as an employer or hiring manager and Hirewise has the expertise and information access to provide you with a thorough and complete report on any job applicant’s work and criminal history. This allows you to make better informed decisions about hiring because you can take a more objective approach to evaluating an applicant’s eligibility.

Pre Employment Screening Background Checks

Hirewise verifies the accuracy of employment history in our employment screening background checks with emphasis placed on past performance, employment periods, positions held, salary, rehire eligibility, and reasons for leaving.

In addition, Hirewise will determine if the previous employer is still in business and, if not, will take action to verify the employment experience through co-workers, supervisors, past owners, and/or the Corporation Commission with every pre employment screening background check.

Let Hirewise’s employment pre screening services give you the in-depth information you need to make the right hiring decision.

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Employment Background Screening: A Guide For Hiring Managers

Many employers require a pre employment screening background check as part of the hiring process. While not all jobs require employment pre screening, some require it by law. With new threats to safety appearing every day and security on the rise, most employers simply can’t afford not to perform employment screening background checks before hiring new employees.

Do You Believe What’s On That Job Application?

It’s more important than ever to KNOW the person you’re hiring. Does that applicant really have a bachelor’s degree? A clear driving or criminal record? That real-world experience they claim? Your business will not thrive without qualified personnel you can trust. Hirewise does the work for you with pre employment screening background checks that give you peace of mind that your prospective employees are qualified to take your business to the next level!

Numerous Reasons For A Pre Employment Screen

There are many reasons to consider a pre employment screen for every applicant since knowing a job seeker’s past can be crucial to your company’s wellbeing. For example, without pre employment screening background checks, you could unknowingly hire a mentally unstable, criminally-prone, or otherwise unqualified person that could potential harm your employees, customers, or the bottom line of your business.

If your business involves dealing with children, it’s more important than ever for you to require a pre employment screen. In fact, many states have laws that require anyone working with children to undergo a pre employment screening background search.

Increased security due to terrorism in the transportation, goods importation, exportation, and water sanitation industries mean employers should conduct employment pre screening to ensure the safety of a nation

What’s Involved In Employment Pre Screening

Hirewise’s employment screening background checks can range from simple to comprehensive. Typically, our accurate and easy to read employment screening background checks include:

1.       Hirewise verifies an applicant’s Social Security Number and employment history. We look at the dates of employment to determine real-life experience and verify current employment. Hirewise can even gain access to job performance, salary history, reference letter verification, and attendance records, and can even find out if the applicant left their previously employer on good terms. Employment history is one of the most important factors in making a hiring decision.

2.       Hirewise checks criminal records to peer deeper into an applicant’s history. Through comprehensive criminal database searches using the same resources as law enforcement agencies, we can uncover even the smallest details of criminal history. We also check fugitive databases, including the National Sex Offender’s Registry. When you must hire someone with a clean criminal record, you can feel confident in Hirewise.

3.       Hirewise can also verify education level that helps you trust an applicant’s qualifications. Taking an applicant’s word they earned a degree simply isn’t enough. We will also verify state and local license and industry certifications.

4.       Hirewise can also use our pre employment screening background check services to look deeper into other areas of a job applicant’s life, including past Workers Compensation claims, credit history, DMV reports, green card verification, military service records, and more. We can even include drug testing services so you feel confident in hiring your new employee.

Hirewise is there for you all through the hiring process. There’s no need to worry over the hassle of employment background checks with Hirewise’s simple employment pre screening services!

The Legalities Of Employment Pre Screening

There are certain legal considerations to keep in mind when using employment screening background checks in hiring.

1.       The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates the use of these reports in regards to declining employment, including notifying the applicant of the information obtained and whether you will keep the information or properly destroy the information.

2.       You must notify applicants you will be using a pre employment screen as a factor in hiring with a written Pre-Adverse Action, a duplicate of the summary of rights as listed in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and a written Notice of Adverse Action.

3.       You must also notify applicants where you obtain the information, especially when a credit report is a necessary part of being hired.

It is important that employers follow these legalities to avoid ramifications and AccuScreen can help!

Run A Pre Employment Screening Today!

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