When applying for a job, applicants are now required by many employers to be subjected to a pre-employment background screening process prior to being hired. Though not all jobs require a check of this kind, some require screening by law. With this ever-evolving world and new threats for safety and security on the rise, many employers simply cannot afford to take the risk of not check on someone’s background before hiring them.

It pays to be cautious as a hiring manager, but at the same time, it sometimes doesn’t seem to be a benefit to the applicant. That’s why it’s so important for employers to fully explain why and how these checks are done. At AccuScreen, we can provide you with a thorough and complete report on an applicant’s work and criminal history.

Protecting the Company’s Well-Being

One reason to obtain background information would be where knowing someone’s past is crucial to a company’s well-being. For example, lawsuits against companies have taken a dramatic rise in recent years. If the proper pre-employment background screening is not done, a mentally unstable, criminally prone, or otherwise unqualified person could be working for you and potentially harming your employees, clientele, or your business’ bottom line.

This is reason enough to be extra cautious. A business’ finances can also be severely affected. For example, what if an unqualified accountant overruns your budget, sloppily keeps records, and ruins the reputation of the company as well as the person who hired them? You’ve got a huge problem on your hands as well as an IRS audit likely to follow.

Can You Really Trust Your Gut?

Since “gut feeling” alone can no longer be a valid basis for hiring someone, it is more important than ever to be sure and do the proper research ahead of time. What other reasons exist? For one, recent events such as child abuse and abductions have increased. Laws have been passed in nearly every state that requires anyone who will be working with children to undergo a background search.

Increased security due to 9-11 in industries such as the transportation, goods importation and exportation, and water sanitation mean that employers must now double check to be sure their workers are on our side. A third notable event that stresses the importance of checking someone’s history is the fall of Enron. Corporate Executives, Officers, and Directors are no longer assumed to be on the up-and-up and their personal and professional lives must be closely examined.

What’s Uncovered In A Pre-Employment Background Screening

You likely understand why it’s important to know who your employee’s are before you hire them — but what is included in a pre-employment background screening that can prevent you from making detrimental hiring choices? Reports on applicants can range from simple verification of a Social Security number to looking into a person’s friends, family, and complete working history.

Bits of information that are gathered during a background check include items such as a person’s driving, military, criminal and credit records as well as alerts from the National Sex Offender’s Registry. Drug testing, medical records and state license verifications are also available upon request. At AccuScreen, we can customize these reports for you and they’ll be easy-to-read and accurate results every time. We’re so certain about the accuracy of our pre-employment background screening reports, that we offer a money back guarantee if you learn about something on their record that we don’t find!